Jonesy Tawner

Jonesy Tawner, often nicknamed DrJones, is a creation of Halcyon Corporation, a company specializing in unusual scientific services. One of them is cloning and the creation of new creatures. While the company mainly specializes in military projects, it has taken up a new branch, providing custom sex-toys, officially named as "Intelligent Entertainment Creations". Jonesy was one of them, one of the early types and was destined to be a toy to the corporation's CEO, Kerian Halcyon. By some anomaly, part of an extraterrestial symbiote ended up in the DNA soup that was to be Jonesy, or at the time, Number 15.
The series of which part Jonesy was, were designed to be cute petite hermaphroditie bunnies, coming in various colors and special adaptations. While Jonesy was meant to become a black-furred bunny, the symbiote's first effect was turning the fur into a deep blue. The techs that oversaw the operation were surprised, yet after thorough examination they could not see any problems or remove the symbiote. Kerian Halcyon decided he like the blue color and allowed the finalization of Jonesy.
In the night that Jonesy was left alone for hir first sleeping before shi was to be picked up for service, the symbiote performed another change, giving the bunny an mind of hir own, rather than the pre-programmed will-less blind obedience, and the intelligence quotient of a genius. With hir newly gained metal abilities, Jonesy made hir escape out of the facility, more by luck than wit, grabbing some sensitive documents, sending Halcyon's men after hir.
After hiding for a few weeks, Jonesy ended up meeting Niko and has stayed witht the nightfox since then, being adopted to Niko's own family, and gaining the last name of Tawner. Jonesy's first name is still a mystery to the bunny as to how shi came up with it. It felt right and shi kept it.

Jonesy is the quiet type, often found spending time alone with books, computers or tinkering on hir inventions, either making new ones or trying to improve existing. Shi's mostly comfortable with hir family and friends, but has learned many things from hir surroundings, including valuable lessons in life from Niko, the bunny learning to think and stand up for hirself.

Unable to give birth or sire another, shi hopes someday to be able to start hir own family, yet many uncertainities prevent hir from being fully confident about that step in life.
For now shi does hir best to provide in the needs of hir friends and family, unattending to hir own.

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