Four doors greet you, arranged in a 180 degree wall curve, each tall door of polished oak, silver plaques by each denoting what's to be found within. Your vulpine guide, joined by the blue lapine, stop at the centermost of the four doors and turns to face you. "Here's where you'll find an assortment of different anthropomorphic art renditions done over time, set in their own ratings category. The most recent updates will be posted in the updates section with directions back here. Click on the thumbnail photo provided to see a much larger whole version of the picture in these four directories. Currently, no commissions and requests are being taken."

As mentioned on the Welcome page, some of these categories are reserved for mature audiences only (most often, those of legal age in their region, usually 18+). By entering those sections, you not only state that you -are- of mature mindset, open-minded thinking, and legal age, but also certify to absolve NightFox Arts, its owners, and its affiliates of ALL responsibility for discovery of viewing such material when third parties forbid it, or in the case of (but not limited to) loss of visual and mental virginity, destruction of your favorite pair of jeans, spontaneous combustion of the eyes, and/or of any illusions that 'fuzzy people only sing and dance in cartoons' that you may harbor.
That said, enjoy!

Last Update: January 14th, 2018 (update in progress!)

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