Important notice: All art that you see here is NOT done by Dingo! It's given as gift, acquired as a trade, or purchased by commission or sacrifice of babies or what have you. All due props and appreciation go solely to the artists that created the work you see below, and may have links to where you can locate more of their work!

Lending a Paw

One of two commissions from Kincade, drawn by Max Blackrabbit and originally used as an exclusive on FurAfterDark. Niko and Kincade in a moment of more tender, affectionate frotting. I like that word. It's so dirty. it should be used more often, yesh.
You can find more of Max's art over here!
The Baby Shower

This was a second picture done by Gin for Kincade's birthday. Here we have family and friends all gathered around, throwing a baby shower for Kincade, the grandly pregnant white lioness centerpiece of the image. The guilty party Niko sets next to her, all amused at the revelry of those around them. This is typically how their family gatherings go down, yes. :) All characters within are the property of their creators.
You can find more of Gin's art over here!
Ice Cream...We Gonna Eat Ice Cream...

One guess as to what flavor it is. Oh yes...that flavor does have that effect on her. Another Eurofurence 15 commission, this time from LatinVixen, who has a definite adorably attractive quality to her style.
You can find more of LV's art over here!

When you're slick as a pistol and know it, you show it. Commissioned of Kaji at EuroFurence 15.
You can find more of Kajito's art here!
"Ah Luffs Mah Sukka!"

Strawberry is the Queen of Fruits, and all things strawberry are love. Niko is an unrepentant fiend for them, and loves her strawberry blow-pops. So when she has one, her smugness level happily ups itself! This was a commission purchased at Eurofurence 15, drawn by the amazingly talented and rather cool Shinigami Girl.
You can find more of her art over here!
A Lion's Savage Sodomy

One of two commissions from Kincade, drawn by Max Blackrabbit and originally used as an exclusive on FurAfterDark. Niko and Kincade don't necessarily play gentle all the time, and when they get really going there's nothing stopping them but safe words.
You can find more of Max's art over here!

That cuddly purple sweetheart affectionately named Witchiebunny loves to sneak up behind me when I'm least vigilant and stick a surprise drawing to me like a shiv in the ribs in a cold alley. I owe her so much it's silly. Here is a conbadge she did for me of Niko, themed towards Anthrocon's 2010 theme!
You can find Witchie's art over here!
Mothers to Be

One of a couple commissions that Kin bought from the very talented Gin. In this one, three rambunctious, overly pregnant mothers--MiaFillene, Kincade and Niko--all enjoy a little moment of playfulness. Who's carrying who's kids is totally up in the air, and up to your imagination! MiaFillene and Kincade are the property of their players.
You can find Gin's art over here!
Skunky Stocking Stuffer

Duo's half of a trade with me over the 2008 Christmas season, wherupon we drew each other's characters...well, you can see for yourself!
You can find Duo's art over here!
"Does This Prove I'm a Vixen?"

It's documented; vulpine have a crafty cleverness in being able to make things happen much easier than most other species. Vixens know how to get the best out of any situation, as Lisica the Jamaican vix in the image proves to Niko during a bit of playtime. Drawn by Moonstalker at EF15; Lisica is the property of her player.
You can find Moonstalker's art over here!
Teaching Your Big Sister Magic

I make no secret of the fact that I adore Dark Natasha's art, and if I have the opportunity I've always tried to buy some of her works, even if I have it digitally. So catching her at 2009's EuroFurence 15 and being able to commission her for a gift for one of my closest friends was quite a treat that DrJones and I helped ourselves to. Niko's little sister, the butter-colored mouse Pikacha, gets her bigger adopted sibling to hold her spellbook open for her while she instructs her on the mystics of rune magic.
You can find more of Dark Natasha's art over here!
"We Won't Need This Now, Will We?"

DBD's an artist that's totally flown under my radar until most recently. Kincade was quick enough to snag another commission of herself and Niko from them, and this is the result! Something playful and fetching, where you can bet those two are about to have a fun time. As always, it was a surprise totally out of the blue; I think my friends love to ambush me with these images. :)
You can find more of Dizzy by Design's art on FurAffinity over here!
A Little Chocolate Between the Milkers..

Ever realize you're running out of neat title ideas? Hee.. This was a surprise picture from Strider Orion, purportedly made because of the frequency of deaths dealt to him in the below-mentioned game, Team Fortress 2. And damn am I grateful for it! His cowgirl, Half-and-Half, is a luscious beauty all her own. The picture only accentuates this. Thanks, Strider!
You can find more of Strider Orion's art right over here!
Old Enough to Know Better

An exerpt from an assistant's journal: "When asked how old shi was, shi just smiled a mischevious grin and said, "Old enough to know better!" Not exactly sure what that was supposed to imply, but needless to say shi was feeling a bit frisky and felt like posing for hir special day... luckily for Seth, he happened to remember his digital camera in his pants pocket... of course, he had a heck of a time fishing it out of his pocket since his pants had suddenly become extremely tight." Greyshores draws some of the best damn backsides I've ever seen before, and this birthday gift was a very welcome surprise!
You can find more of Greyshores's art at his FurAffinity page over here!
Double Domination

A good friend and fellow artist, Witchiebunny, drew this funny piece of sweetness. It's no secret that Niko enjoys carnage on the Team Fortress 2 field...and is quite good at it. The little story behind this image is that Niko "the Demovixen" and hir fellow highly-skilled partner/antagonist hyena, Doom, have managed to score domination points on the poor, unsuspecting purple Witchiebunny inbetween them. Given our conversation's predictable transformations of the game's situation into lewd connotations about domination, this was inevitable!
You can find more of Witchie's art right over here!
A Vixen's Vixen

A close friend, Faeon, commissioned this of Lapinbeau about a year ago. While Nikky's fur isn't electric purple, I can still appreciate it all the same! Especially the grin. Muaha!
You can find more of Lapinbeau's art over here!
Kincade's Birthday Blowjob

Kincade's a sneaky lioness. Because she snuck this one up on me a while ago, as a birthday gift! I always knew she had a strong taste for vixen..or maybe just liked the taste... Thank you, Kin!
You can find more of FortuneFox's art over here!
Cute Little Moments..

I was immensely grateful to be able to purchase a commission from Dark Natasha, this past Anthrocon 2008. I wanted to save a pretty special commission for her to tackle, and she certainly delivered: Niko apparently didn't eat her ice cream quickly enough to prevent a little from spilling onto Jonesy. However, it seems the bunny does not mind much!
You can find more of Dark Natasha's art over here!

I bumped into MrPerson at the Zoo during Anthrocon 2008, and we finally had a chance to provide a long-discussed trade. This was Person's half: Niko, in all her bare-assed macro-vulpine sauciness, posing for diminutive onlookers. I love the perspective shots, especially when they flatter one's figure. :9 Thank you, Person! I do hope Kila's being nice in your own book. :)
More of Mr. P's work can be found on FurAffinity, over here!
A Little Mess Goes a Long Way!

This here's another Anthrocon 2008 commission, done by that bouncy pink feline dynamo, RoxiCat! DrJones and Niko, getting quite messy in a bit of play between themselves. Thanks a bunches, Roxi!
You can find more of Roxi / John Barrett's art over here!
Wow, You're Comfy!

This was one of a few commissions gathered from Anthrocon 2008. Rude the Fox took on the task of drawing Niko and DrJones in a casual embrace. Thank you!

It's a rendition of Niko under the effects of a bit of lycanthropy..shi still hasn't lost that playful flair!
Art's done by NaniOokami as an Anthrocon2007 commission. Thank you!
Niko by Emy!

It's Niko, giving the ol' Bedroom Eyes stare. Seems something naughty's on hir mind..
Art's done by Emy Bitner, as an Anthrocon2007 commission. Check out her art and commission-status at her FurAffinity Page!!
Another Parking Brake!

It's Niko, and what a perspective! The cameraman had best hope that this vix'n doesn't get the urge to roll back. Or else the car there'll be a foreshadowing of an unfortunate fate.
Art's done by Moonstalker. Thank you, guy!
You can find his art over here!
Niko by Moonstalker..

It's the big oddly-colored voop, in hir birthday suit and making the best of some uncomfortable urban development!
Art's done by Moonstalker.
You can find his art over here!
Parking Break Engaged

A completely unexpected gift from Ken Cougr. Niko, with a little more lapine flaire, showing how a truly efficient parking break works!
Vulpes Diablo

I ran into Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd at Anthrocon 2006 and, after chatting silliness for a while, this is what resulted: Niko, in hir rarely-illustrated giant demi-demoness stature, leering from hir not-so-steady perch. Perhaps shi sees something shi likes?
Niko by Greyshores

Greyshores is another excellent artist that completely flew under my radar. This was a sketch he did of Niko to test out drawing the vixen, and I'm highly flattered by the request! Nikky, in a threadbare top and a bikini bottom that should be considered illegal, leering to the viewer. Art is copyright Greyshores!
Swingin' Hir Third Leg!

October 2005 and it's mah birthday, again, Precious!
A surprise birthday present by ChaosCat of Niko in one of hir very playful moods and sporting a little enhancement to hir usual treasures. Damn, the details make me squirm... Thank you CC!
Prickvixen in Spaaaaace..

The second giftie of a spacey sort, this one by Avylin. A well-work flight jacket, jumpsuit, and conveniently placed wind works wonders for one's portrayed self-image, I'd say. Thank you, Avy-batty!
Cap'n Niko

It's mah birthday, mah precious! Give it to usss! Give us the presents!
...One of two gifts of the space-farer sort, this one done by John Harrington at DrJones' request. Dunno if it was supposed to be colored or noooot, but I like it still. :) notice the ship in the background from my (still current) favorite starship shooter/civilization game, Escape Velocity: Nova
Split Intentions

'Tis a picture by gNAW that DrJones had commissioned at AC for her demonbunny side, featuring Niko. It's still cute no matter what angle you look at it from.

The first of two commissions purchased of Niko at Anthrocon 2003, the other being a badge. This one done by BAR-1.
Stoned Henge

Are we stoned, or aren't we? Is it the location? What time is it? Do I smell everclear? A cute, unexpected picture donated by Oz
Niko, Oz and DrJones chillin' in front of those mysterious slabs.
'Taur Pleaser

Hee, yet another li'l joke that found its way to pencil and paper, courtesy of Valden. Something about Niko being a professional 'taur tease? Well, some would agree, there.
Zorra de Leche

Niko, dressed as the product of an old, silly inside joke about milkvixens, between myself and Valden of FurryMUCK/Tapestries. Art by said silly FoxieSkunk'taur, Valden
Cake Crew

Another birthday picture commission from John Harrington, commissioned by DrJones. Something of the family to frame and hang on the wall!
Niko's Eyes

A gift picture from Mamabliss, in exchange for linkies between NFA and Juice and Spunk dot com. It's certainly Niko in a unique light, but not an unfamiliar one (shi can be quite the predator when needed); the critter in hir line of sight seems surprised about something!
Blow Out Hir Candle

An unexpected and very fitting gift from ChaosCat for Whelping Day, 2004. Thanks, guy!

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