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Malaika 3

Malaika, clothed this time, and in living color. Gotta love that tail... Malaika of FurryMUCK / SPR is, of course, her player.
Dark Fury

Almost everyone has their "Don't-*&@!-With-Me!" attitude. Prolly the first request I've decided to do, since at the time I chose not to do them unless really motivated to. Faeon of SPR is hir player, of course.

Heyhi all,

I think the picture speaks for itself. In light of the tragic terrorist attacks, I believe all of us--not just Americans but anyone who may have been hurt in any way--should find a way to rebuild and look to what we are fortunate enough to still have, rather than wallow in depression as to what has happened. We should mourn, but we should not lay in mourning. Now's the time to throw the best psychological insult we can at the cowards who've struck recently; Continue on as we were. Continue being who we are, and being what the enemy tried to take from us all. I pray those most directly effected during the week find inspiration in these words, and in those they know and love.

Stand tall in the face of evil and roar defiantly at those who would strike you down. Deny them any shred of satisfaction, any measure of knowing that they injured you permanently. Be strong for any who look to you for comfort and consolation. Defeat doesn't begin with a powerful blast, but with an incessant sob.

- Jay Lampkin (a.k.a. Niko/Dingo)
Tiny AI

Whoever says trouble can't be five inches tall hasn't met Tiny the AI mouse. Of course, she's not all mischief.. but I suggest keeping her away from flashing buttons and switches! Tiny is copyright Y2k Terry Boss

How'd you like this dangerous feline leaping at you from shadows? Originally a quickie sketch done at an Artist Ambush contest on SPR; I figured the pose was good enough to clean up and add some detail to. I'm allowed to do that, right? ..Right? ...Smeg...

Picture copyright 2001 Dingo/J.L.

- = July - December 2001 = -


Most everyone has needed or given comfort of some sort in their life.

A gift for the bunny in the picture. Another one of those sweet types you can't help but draw for some reason or another.

- = January - 2002 = -


Yrrista, the tall, lithe warrior mouse with a strength and will that speaks through her proud stature. her player.

- = January - July 2003 = -


A sleek and watchful cheetah, scanning the horizons. (One of four auctioned at Anthrocon)

- = July - December 2003 = -


Done up on a whim, and shrinkray'd(tm) to become a Livejournal usericon for Valden, Furrydom's resident f'unktaur.

- = July - December 2004 = -


Wow...this 'un's been whining from the back of my art collection for years, wanting desperately for me to post it. And it's only now that I finally get around to it. Still looks great, along with the pup portrayed in it.
^Lillian Tawner, circa 1999, copyright M. Cundiff

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