Stream Commissioning

Updated: 11th of March, 2023

Hi there!

First off, thank you very much for considering commissioning me! :) Please read my Terms of Service and the info below before requesting or accepting my services, as this will improve your chances of getting your idea drawn.

When the in-stream raffle is open, the spinny fox gif on-stream will display for rafflers to clearly state their desire for a slot. If you understand the TOS and procedure on this page, you may join the raffle by saying "I'd like a slot, nightvoop." in chat. Just like that. This is mandatory to ensure that you're serious. If you don't do it, no slot. You're encouraged to have your commission idea and details already made before the raffle.
     **You are not eligible for a slot if you have had a commission in the last 3 streams. Thus, on 'cooldown'.

Upon winning, you have 30 minutes to complete the form and the PayPal deposit invoice sent to you. If it is not, then you may be forfeit unless you give a good reason within that time. If you have specific directions, reference material, or poses, please include them in the form so that they can be worked out.

The remainder of the pay, minus deposit, is to be invoiced and paid upon completion when time is factored in. While it is not mandatory, I strongly encourage my commissioners to visit in the stream as best they can so that I can have them available for questions and clarifications during the work process.

Raffle Autowin & Autobuy Options:
First-Timer Free Raffle Tokens:
"What is it?" A credit option for first-timer-only raffle patrons who then lose a raffle. You get ONE token per raffle lost. I keep a tally of each. When you have THREE tokens, you can request an auto-win for yourself on a future raffle that you attend*.

"I have my three tokens! When can I use them?" I accept token requests at any time before a raffle has begun. Simply say 'I'd like to redeem my raffle token, Niko', or something to that effect, and it'll be as if you won the raffle that day. One per client, and only first-time clients. If you miss that time you'll have to wait for a future opportunity.
It is for new people who have not gotten a stream commission from me before, only!

Raffle-Roller/Autobuy Option: The FIRST person who says "I want the slot, and I will pay extra, BELIEVE IT!" auto-wins the raffle slot and commits to paying 75% extra ($26.25USD/hour total) on the rate in exchange for auto-winning the active raffle.

"When can I use it?" At any time after the raffle has begun, but before the end. As in: During a currently-active raffle when slots are still open and no winner is called yet.
     These people are STILL NOT ELLIGIBLE if they had a slot in the past 3 available streams.

   * Entrant must be present in-stream for auto-win tokens to be honored. No surrogates or stand-ins please. :)

Participation Conditions
You must be 18 years of age or older to commission any adult-themed work.

By entering my raffles or applying for a commission, you specify you are ready to provide ready info and payments right now. No space-holding.

You also specify you've read and understand the Terms of Service.

Payment plans can be made available for any commissions exceeding $200USD.

Clear references are required.

Ideas and Standards:
To know what I typically draw, my gallery can be found at FurAffinity here, as well as on Weasyl. Subject matter will be negotiable in the agreement phase. Exceptions to this are:
    Slob or Bimbo depictions
    Hard Vore / Disposal
    Extensive Machinery
    My Little Pony-style Figures
    Revenge/gore/C&BT/torture porn
    Holidays and Birthdays as Super-Last-Minute Occasions (I don't do rush work)
Extremely complex bodies (excessive taur-train & multifur pairings)
Anything else is subject to Artist's Discretion. Please ask ahead of time if the idea you have in mind is something I would draw.

As for my characters: While I'm all cool with art with them, I have standards unique to them. Please ask first if you would like to involve my characters. :) I may be down for it if I feel it fits my interest or behavior!

Concerning Payment
Payment will be sent via two "Payment Buddy" invoices (Deposit and Final) before and after the work has been completed. After fulfilling the Final invoice, your art will be sent to you via private Tigerdile chat in-stream (most direct), FA-note, or email.

If the Client desires to cancel their commission before 1 hour of work has passed, 50% of the Draft will be promptly refunded.
If the Client desires to cancel their commission beyond 1 hour, the Draft Invoice will not be refunded.
Any funds voluntarily sent without invoice at any stage are regarded as a donation, and wholly welcomed in deep appreciation.
Private Commissioning (request of no posting to the internet or sale in galleries and packs): +20% of final cost (doesn't apply if the request is only for delayed posting).

The Offerings

I do work for my customers on a rate of $15 USD an hour, rounding by quarters of an hour. Time will be visible throughout the project and paused during times of breaks. The total cost of a project subtracts the deposit paid at the beginning, so when the picture completes, what I will quote to you is the total minus the deposit you already paid to begin. All commissions factor PayPal tax. Listed below are deposit prices only.

Lined Work
$20. USD Deposit

Loose Sketch Work
$15. USD Deposit

Flat Color Work
$30. USD Deposit

That's all, thanks for your interest in my work! :)
Contacting Me!
You can contact me through this address:
NikkyVix of FurAffinity & Weasyl
@NikkyVix on Twitter
NikkyVix (at) Gmail (dot) com
My "Payment Buddy" transaction account is linked with: lampk1 (at) comcast (dot) net

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