Terms of Service

Updated: 14th of November, 2018

You (the Client) must be 18 years of age or older to commission any adult-themed work of me (the Artist).

By applying for a commission, the Client specifies they are ready to provide info and payments. No space-holding.

Payment plans can be made available for any commissions above $200. All prices referenced are in USD.

Clear references are required.

For Streams: The commissions will be drawn in-stream. Client attendance is not mandatory. However, there will be no work-in-progress sent for approval and for any control over the Client's commission's edits they will have to be present in the stream. Edits can be made if the Artist misses a detail that is clearly present in the presented references, or commission description. It is strongly encouraged that the Client attends the stream as best they can to evaluate work process.

*    In the event of a cancellation, refunds will be prompt and clear to the registered Client.

*    The Artist retains all artistic and printing rights to the commissioned artwork, and requests that the work not be commercially distributed or publically printed without credit or explicit permission.

*    The Artist reserves the right to reject Client participation or ideas should Client win a raffle or commission slot. In case of the latter, the Client can provide another idea within the allotted time of responding/negotiations.

*    The Artist may use the work in future compilations, merchandise, galleries, and portfolios, as well as recycle or post any sketches and rejected works to the web for other commissions or personal projects. Privacy options and other rights can be negotiated for an added fee.

*    Altering the Artist's work without express permission is strictly prohibited, and may result in blacklisting from future business. Exception can be made in cases such as colorings of inked pictures.

*    The Artist reserves the right to reject any critique that can reduce the artistic quality of the Work, or critique that pushes outside the purview of Artist style, coloring, etc.

*    The Artist reserves the right to make and sell prints and examples of the work commissioned in stream.

*    By sending payment, the Client agrees to, and understands, the above listed terms.

That's all, thanks for your interest in my work! :)

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