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A tall black and orange vulpine pads up once you pass the main doors, bowing politely and smiling while nonchalantly tossing a few dusting towels off to the side and out of sight.

"Hi there, and welcome back! We’ve slapped a different flavor on the site for a little more visual appeal and functionality in other places. The studio's still 'Under Construction', and will most likely be so as long as it's updated and expanded. Straight ahead lies the main section available--artwork showcasing animal anthropomorphics. But with time we will look into expanding on other similar sections for your entertainment. Keep checking back now and then for updates!"

The vixen looks down the hall, and then beckons you along. "Well, rather than keeping you here staring at the floor, follow along! The studio's always growing, and there's plenty to see with more on the way. If you've got any questions or comments, be sure to drop them off here." Shi saunters down the hall, tail a-swish.

A blue lapine, barely chest-high to the fox, follows in stride. The bunny adjusts the glasses perched on hir nose and says: "From here you can navigate around the site using the buttons on the left. Enjoy your stay!"
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