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- = July - December 2001 = -

Tush Special Edition

This started with my own tinkering with filters in Photoshop 6 and came out as something I actually wanted to upload, even though the sexy wuff's picture's been done. The deeper fur color in places is actually closer to the shade on paper as well. :)
Ribbon Kitty

Happy Nude Deer, all!
Santa's Helpers

Don't be fooled by that 'grin' Niko's giving; Shi told me that it was actually hir teeth chattering from having hir sit up on a cold stone chimney bare to the weather. Ehh, shi's got fur, shi can take it. And Domino next to hir didn't seem to mind at all. *grin*

Eeeenywayz. To those of us that celebrate it, Merry Christmas! (Or Yiffmas, depending on what you do to celebrate).

As always, both characters copyright Dingo/J.L.

As I reclined under a tree one day soaking in the calm and quiet of nature, I happened to look up to a most peculiar sight. From the clouds she came, a vision of exotic beauty unlike any I had ever seen, the personification of loveliness and desire whose mere appearance commanded me to illustrate her glory...

..or something along those lines.

Ehh, forget that-- I just needed an excuse to divulge in my shameless fluff and tail fetish, and a Mephitsune seemed the best way to do it! Another one of my little creations, I have Valden to thank for putting the suggestion in my ear. Still copyright Dingo/J.L. as usual.
Froyst (small)

Froyst is copyright hir player.

- = January - June 2002 = -


And to think, it took me this long to get to doing an ermine. Sexy Valentine was gracious enough to take this pose when I told her I needed a subject for a Valentine's Day picture. Beautiful Irony.

[ Mild Warning: Staring directly into a moving Prism Mink's pelt has been known to cause epileptic seizure to those susceptible. Ogle at your own risk ]

Valentine and image are copyright 2002-and-on Dingo/Jay L. Happy BigThrobbingRedHeart Day(tm)!

Yeah, I know my end of the art world's been quiet lately, but I promise I have plenty in store for the future.

Happy Bunny'n Egg Day, fur folx! :)
As always, Jonesy bunny is copyright hir player.

- = July - December 2002 = -

Demonic Foreplay

Beware the wiles of temptation, for it usually leads to sin.
Nikky's Anthrocon '02 badge

What the title says. :)
Jonesy's Anthrocon '02 badge

Again, what the title says. :)
Faeon's Anthrocon '02 badge

Notice a trend here?
Sixpaws' Anthrocon '02 badge

Actually the only badge here NOT to appear in Anthrocon. Or, at least, not colored. Sixpaws holds the only existing print of this badge, colored.

Shi knows how to push the right buttons..
Tender Moments

A quiet little picture originally given only to Mysti as a bithday present, but posted with hir permission. Mysti Skunk is the property of hir player.
Merry Vixmas!

And a Horny Nude Deer..

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