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- = January - December 2006 = -

Vixen in Paradise

Nikky takes time to kick back on a beach. Big vixen, lots of lovely black sand.. it just had to be done!
Tazel Sixpaws

The big ol' hex'taur hirself, with a completely unecessary background! I still like how this'n came out after three years or so. One of the last pieces done on a laptop with a trackpad. Sixpaws is copyright to hir player!
A Saucy Photograph..

For Moonstalker's birthday, I felt the big bad wolf would appreciate a little postcard photo from a couple of luscious jackals.
Lapinus Maximus

Shi isn't always just a vixen, you know...!
Eight Years of Concentrated Suck!

I know, I know, I should hush with a title like that. But it's still funny. This was a meme thing done for FurAffinity, though I figured why not drop it here too? A sequentially-ordered history of choice pieces of my art arranged in one long image.

- = January - December 2007 = -


Coming to a monitor near you: Shi's bigger and badder than ever before. This is the first big splash of the year, and hopefully not the last!

   DracoPuma is the property of Ken Cougr
DracoPuma: The Director's Cut

Coming to a monitor near you: Shi's bigger and badder than ever before. The Director's Cut promises to be an even bigger splash than the original!

   DracoPuma is the property of Ken Cougr

Ambrosia, the sexy leopard-patterned maternal figure of my oddly-colored femme bunny trio, poses against a wall. Done as an experimental piece in ArtRage 2 using pencil, paintbrush and airbrush tools.
Size Differences Don't Matter..

...Or do they, in certain situations? Pikacha and Dejah, an unlikely coupling that looks all the cuter together!
A Grand Milestone!

A big wet thank you from our site mascot to everyone who helped us make it this far!
One Bouncy Black Fox

This here's a little model sheet I diddled up for Faeon, showing her in all kinds of detail.

- = January - December 2008 = -

The Heavy Weapons 'Taur

This is what happens when an artist hears the right running joke.. :)
Meet the Defense Squad

For better or worse, the video game 'Team Fortress 2' has become an integral part of many of my friends' free-time indulgences, including me. As such, we all have our little favorite's the little band you don't want to see lining their sprays up on a wall opposing your team; you'll have a hell of a time reaching your goal if we're around.

This is, of course, a work of parody. Team Fortress is copyright to Valve Corporation.
Lakota's Mess

I was in the mood to draw something dirty, Poke' here we go. :) A Shinx in the aftermath of some personal fun!

Pokemon are copyright to Nintendo and Gamefreak.
Poke'mutts: Pikario

This here was a spur-of-the-moment creation on a spree of wanting to do something different! What is it? His name's Patches, a Pikario. What the hell is that, you ask? A Poke' unoriginal combination of two critters established by Game Freak and Nintendo. Seemed like the thing to do at the time!
Poke'mutts: Umbranine

Hey, kids! Have another dastardly bastardly concoction by yours truly along the 'Poke'mutts' theme of poke'mon hybrids! This here's Sirius, a hybrid formed of Umbreon and Arcanine parentage.
Niko's Den

This was my first foray back into completely physical media since 2003; color marker and pencil on smooth bristol paper. The colors were munged by the scanner, but I was able to restore them with some 'Shop jiggery-pokery. I wanted to see if I still had the ability to work without the crutches of layers and ctrl-z, and I'm almost completely satisfied with the results. It didn't take me a hell of a long time, too.
Which Guns?

Taross the Heavy Weapons 'Taur has but one question for you...

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