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- = January - June 2003 = -

10,000 Hits

Happy 10,000th, NFA! And thanks to all of you who find this modest little studio of interest. :)

- = July - December 2003 = -


Soft'n sensual fruit bat Avylin chills in a tree with her favorite fruit. Avylin is � her player.
Sarah Skunkie

Sarah, showing off her a Calgary Flames fan.
5,000 Bunnyscout Hits!

Stocked up on paddles?
   Chessia DeMont, enjoying the perks of 5,000 hits at Chessia's Home Away From Hell.
Happy Halloween!

Some nights, you just gotta let that other side loose...

- = January - June 2004 = -

The Overhead Rack..

Just what DOES happen when that anticipation hits the boiling point? Inspired by one of Doug Winger's usual raunchy puns.
Red Pandas

A li'l funtime in bed between two 'sisters' of sorts.
Get In the Habit!

Sarah goes pristine and angelic for a day! Honest! ... Really, only thing 'vanilla' about this skunk is her scent.
Donations and Deliveries..

Just what -kind- of donation is up to your imagination..

- = July - December 2004 = -

Happy Whelping Day..

...To my favorite darkvixen, Faeon! Given to hir on hir birthday back in August.
Got an Itch?

Massive macro red panda babe clears a back-itch on the most convenient comb she could find. It might not lean so much by the time she's done!
Vixmas 2004

Merry Vixmas, from Niko & Mysti!

- = January - June 2005 = -

Northern Heat

A shemale dingo lass, far off the beaten path, taking in the crisp fresh air of the Colorado mountain north in January and posing for photography...much to the panic of the ski lodgers below.

A sweet little piece in yet another method of coloring that I've been testing out. Bisquits to Mysti for providing such an exquisite background, and also to a delightfully creative husky (he knows who he is) that decided to expand on the little backstory I gave the picture, over on You can view the whole piece here. Thanks a-bunch!
   As Yet Unnamed shemale dingo is copyright Dingo.
Easter Romance

After much pussyfooting around for the past few years, Chessia and Oni finally decided to buckle down and get married this past Easter. How apropos, neh?
   Chessia and Oni are copyright their players.

Yeah, that usually grabs some eyes. This was actually an oldie tablet paint test from a couple years ago.

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