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- = January - June 2001 = -


Just another one of those not-quite-spontaneous pictures of mine, this one of a lazy, silly 'yena buddy.
Allie relax

Pregger vixie! Alastriona, formerly of FurryMUCK.
Wyld 1

mirror image of Jessie Wyld, � Her player.
Wyld 2

Wyld is a rather interesting raccoon, though tough to get a hold of. Mirror image of Jessie Wyld, � Her player, SPR.
Got Fox?

I think the picture speaks for itself, don't you? Faeon of FurryMUCK, this be! � hir player.

A certain wuff, trying out a new outfit. Rogue of SPR, � her player, o'course.

Hmm.. Maybe this should have been titled 'Waiting'. Shi certainly is waiting for a certain someone..

Everyone's favorite NightVixie, doing a sultry li'l pose.

- = July - December 2001 = -

Terryskunk sketch

When at a pool party, always come prepared.
Jones sketch

Very rough sketch of Jonesy.

A quick sketch from an SPR Artist's Ambush gathering of the past. Showing that even 50 foot building-eating ferrets have their predators.
Macro shower

Dear gods, how'd she get in -that- predicament? ..No, really, how and can it be imitated?! Another quickie Artist Ambush sketch from a little while back.
Kitskunk sketch

The result of too much daydreaming, and an obsession with floofytails! Azure, the (part-time macro) kitskunk. Another of my own little NPC creations.
Nikky & Lain sketch

When you have that kind of itch and you can't reach it, it's great to have someone who can scratch it for you.. over and over and over...

Insert witty description here. :) Or look to the picture for yourself.

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