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- = January - December 2007 = -

Lain Szvahl

Looks like this here rare specimen of Malkavian Antediluvian hyena loves hir high-altitude architectural catwalks. Such sharp eyesight... What's caught hir eye? Something? Someone? You?

Gift art for Lain, one of my longest-standing furry buds who was my most recent victim of the 'OMG Random Gift-Art!' disorder. Lain Szvahl is, of course, the property of hir creator.
Lain Szvahl Remixed

Lainy again, but with a weeeee bit of a change. If you can't spot it, you either need glasses, or counseling! Lain Szvahl is, of course, the property of hir creator.

I love this pose. Gods know it took fo' evah to chisel out! It's a pose that speaks for itself, maybe, without surroundings. And hell, the subject matter is hot dominance anyway! DracoPuma is the property of hir creator.
Huskieee Pup #1

Now that I've had the time to experiment, I've been dabbling around in ArtRage, a nifty program that does wonders with mimicking traditional media like markers, oil-based paint, pencils.. This is just one of a few sketches I've been doingto keep the rust off of my fingers. Random, unnamed husky puppy posing cutely.
Huskieee Pup #2

Same sitch as #1, only with a little more coquettish playfulness thrown in. Gotta love it. :9

- = January - December 2008 = -

Alternate Alta

It seems Alta likes her fresh 'taur body! A little sketchity-sketch done for Alta's player at Anthrocon 2008.
Naughty Squeaker's Mess..

Niko and her little mouse sister, Pikacha, caught in the midst of some oral play. What a messy mouse. :)

Pikacha is the property of her creator.
Serving the Vixen..

From Niko's journal: "When I was grinding my way through some very important studies, I had distractions now and then...Porn and DrJones were, arguably, the two biggest; having two rabbits make out in front of you while you study is quite a big one, y'know! I threatened I'd put them where naughty bunnies belong with foxes if they didn't stop... They didn't quite heed my warning."
Dejah's Got Her Eye On You..

Many tend to forget that Dejah, despite wearing a collar and socializing evenly with some, is not a tame beast. The gigantic huskydrake loves messing with the Littles, and if that means showing them how much stress their building skylights can take, well then I'm sure she'll think of a creative way to do it...
Breaking in the Wheel Barrel..

For years, the difference in their sizes never mattered. Sometimes it was extreme, sometimes it was level ground. But the intensity of exploration was always there, the sheer hedonistic indulgence of imagination and inventiveness. It was pleasure, it was bonding, and it was fun...

...That, and shi always liked how the prickvixen could fuck a load into hir quivery little snatch 'till hir belly looked fatter than a pregnant doe in a funhouse mirror.
Stuffing a Skunk..

Pegla's a good friend to Nikky. Always has been. And there's always different ways to show one's appreciation for their friends. :) This was a little gift pic for Pegla, done at Anthrocon 2008.

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