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- = January - December 2006 = -

Tequila and Kaluha

Oddly-colored lapines are the flavor of the summer. Tequila and Kaluha are here to make a splash, in their own way.

The oldest of the bunny trio (not that they look all that old at all!), Absynthe, poses for the viewer.
Mysti's Moons..

And they look pretty full from here!
Mysti's Warmup..

Smart players stretch their muscles before they hit the court... :)
Cat Squish!

That's one stiff tree trunk...
Rock'n Vix'n

Niko loves hir tunes and hardly resists shaking it to a good beat, no matter how big shi is.
Vixen Skribbles: Jackal

A somewhat rough Photoshop tablet sketch, done for the sake of the pose more than anything else.
Vixen Skribbles: Bunny

Another Photoshop tablet sketch, this time of a cushy rabbit.
Vixen Skribbles: Bunny

And another, in a more provocative pose.
Vixen Skribbles: Bunny

Another Photoshop tablet sketch of another, slightly different bunny, playing the part of the coyly-seductive cotortionist extraordinaire (whoa, what a mouthful..)
Fiver: The StormKat

A playfully explicit sketch made concerning a ginormous snowleopard'taur named CatFiver that comes in like a hurricane and doesn't relent until shi's good and drained.
Shiba: Buff'n Beautiful

A piece made to flaunt the physique of Shiba, another spontaneous creation and a massive liger hybrid who has more than a few 'little' tricks tucked away!

A second piece of Shiba, this time showing off hir more hyperendowed side in a lull from gratuitous self-enjoyment.
Megawolfess Iridium

Sketch done for Iridium Wolf at Anthrocon 2006, showing one of her lesser-drawn states engaging in some leisure lifting. Not bad pencilwork for someone who was half-asleep at the time! Iridium is copyright her player.

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