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- = August 2002 = -

Husky siblings in the city pt.1

Overall, Aspen's just a pup that loves a challenge. Like finding uses for new objects..
Husky siblings in the city pt.2

Akita, always the helpful pup, doesn't mind giving cars a proper washing as opposed to chasing them.
Husky siblings in the city pt.3

Considering new objects have many uses, it's not long before Aspen puts one to good use.
Husky siblings in the city pt.4

Shi'll swear to you, this is not borne from that silly leg-humping notion.
Husky siblings in the city pt.5

When Akita and Aspen go out for walkies in the city, it's usually an excursion neither pop or populus forgets...

Page 1 of a sketch done at Anthrocon 2002 for Sixpaws' Multifurry book.
Pressured Obligation

Page 2 of a sketch done at Anthrocon 2002 for Sixpaws' Multifurry book. Sisters bonding..awww...
Mia 'n Charm

Just wait 'till they finish with foreplay...
Cum slut

Faeon will be the first to really admit it's not always the end, it's the means to getting to that end. Faeon of FurryMUCK is � hir player

Petite and lovely? Maybe, if you consider an 80 foot skunkess petite. Mysti of FurryMUCK,

Oni Lepus, temptress extroardinaire, showing off her shapely body for all to see. Oni of FurryMUCK is � to her player, of course!
Pikacha 1

Pikacha Twentyfive-Tawner, the newest, and perhaps cutest member to Niko's little family, caught in a moment if coy playfulness. Nya!
Pikacha is copyright her playa.
Pikacha 2

Pikacha, this time showing off her more seductive side!
Mysti and Niko

The sketched version of a birthday gift for Nikky's big skunk.

The demonbunny with a flair for the exotic, showing off one of her many forms.
Chessia of FurryMUCK / Tapestries, of course, is � hir player.

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