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- = December 2002 = -

Santa's Helpers

Looks like Santa's taking the year off! Yet his stand-in still promotes high hopes for a thorough stocking stuffing..
Santa's Helpers 2

Nikky's back with an even better Vixmas outfit this year! The holidays always seem to bring out the friskiness in hir.

- = January - June 2003 = -


Deja! Always looking for a willing playmate.
Deja vu?

Are you well-versed in your hyena anatomy?

Tazel Sixpaws. More than your run-of-the-mill dish of vixxy'taur! Sixy, � hir playa.

Because they make such a cute couple... Chessia and Oni are � their players.

- = July - December 2003 = -

Oz Mouse

Oz the kangaroo-mouse taking time out from her 'craft for a cute little pose (she's not a witch! Really!) .. Oz is � hir player.

Sorta-quickie rough of Niko, modeling hir summer wares!
Cajun Vix

Quick'n dirty of Niko as hir favorite X-man. This is what you get when someone like me stares at a deck of UNO cards for too long.

Milk ain't have a thing to do with that bone growth! Semi-quickie of mega-Niko as a hulking werefox. Might be colored, might not.

- = January - June 2004 = -

Best For Last?

I was given Pris's Multifurry/Taur book this past Anthrocon 2003 and asked to cap it off with something suitable for the end of a book of its subject matter. And it is a verrry exotic book. I guess I did enough, tho the owner certainly appreciates it and more.

And here's a pretty, loungy kitty with a lot to lounge on. The kind of feline you'd like to find yourself used for cushioning, or maybe, a lap-warmer.

Another loungy, busty, pretty kitty! Either being a cushion or a lap-warmer certainly has its benefits here, too!

A random feline/vulpine hybrid, sketched sometime last year. I had considered turning it into an AC picture, but decided not to clean it up.

A dragon/vulpine hybrid this time, and a cute chinchilla couple as well. Want to see just how she got that full belly? Yeah, so do I. ;)

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